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Building Homes

Leon N. Weiner & Associates Inc. (LNWA) homes consistently provide families with exceptional and comfortable living experiences. From moderately priced town homes to semi-custom single-family homes, all homes built by LNWA are constructed to our own exacting standards, which combine quality, innovation, functionality, and environmental sensitivity.

Construction Quality Standards

Our homes feature quality designs and top-of-the-line, “green” construction materials appropriate for the site and location, with the best possible amenities and services. We strive to use building materials that are durable and easy to care for, to help ensure homes retain their attractive appearance and value for many years after they are built.

LNWA homes feature details, finishes, and craftsmanship that set them apart from competitors’ offerings, regardless of price range or type of home. Interiors reflect our 60 years of homebuilding experience, with design elements, features, and systems that balance aesthetics and function to deliver superior value and resource efficiency to homeowners.

Exterior and interior lighting treatments are designed to highlight entrances and architectural features, enhance safety and security, and create a feel and ambiance that’s just right for the illuminated areas, while conserving energy. Space planning is oriented toward functionality and ease of use, with energy-efficient appliances and systems close at hand, without being in the way.

Every home we build is in full compliance with government requirements and regulations and meets or exceeds industry standards for safety, security, and energy efficiency. Regardless of the price, style, or setting of our homes, each one continues the tradition of quality that has made LNWA an industry leader for over 60 years.